Facilities Maintenance & Repair

Invite Facilities Services, providing technical support, undertakes the maintenance of buildings in terms of their operation, supervision, control, preventive maintenance, damage and repairs.

The Technical Department is staffed by experienced engineers who are in position to study and plan, organize and perform the following tasks:

Preventive and emergency maintenance / M installations

Maintenance of strong and weak currents, earthing and lightning protection systems, lighting.

Maintenance of weak current installations (structured cabling, data centers etc) security systems (CCTV, alarm, access control, etc.)

Maintenance of networks, valves, biological cleaning, wells of special type.

Maintenance of Central Chillers, Central Air Conditioning Units, Heat Pumps, VRV Central Systems, Fan Coil, Split etc. Ventilation Maintenance.

Maintenance of Boilers & Composite Boiler Banks, Natural Gas Network Maintenance, Heat Exchangers Maintenance

Control and preventive maintenance of fixed and mobile firefighting devices, such as fire brigade, firefighting systems and fire detection systems.

Compliance of your passive and active fire protection installations with the applicable legislation.

Informing the employees of the company about the proper use of the fire extinguishing agents.

Inspection and maintenance of special installations such as substations, generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) of all types.

Lifts, Escalators.

Compilation of spare parts after registration of machinery register

At Invite we consider it very important for a company to record its equipment and to draw up a list of spare parts so that there is an overall picture of the building.

Energy services

  • Energy audits and the issue of Energy Certificates, following the instructions of KENAK (Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Energy Sources – Energy Consulting Services.
  • Terminology services.

Networks mapping

Imprint your building’s E / M installations in order to have an up-to-date record of equipment and transits of the E / M networks.

Construction work

Specialized solutions for restoration, painting – maintenance of exterior facades, etc.


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